Boys Fall/Winter '19 Lookbook

For chapter two of our 30th anniversary, we figured nothing could be better than a prolonged stay in the place that started it all for us; the village of Bellerose, New York with big brother New York City close by. Very much inspired by late 80s & early 90s street- and sportswear, this collection goes right back to the roots of our brand.

Our Boys’ collection is more compact and less frivo- lous, yet instantly recognizable. We went for durable, yet comfor- table styles with a rugged edge and that authentic Bellerose feel. Depending on the occasion one can switch from a dressier (or even preppy) style to a more urban streetwear-inspired look perfect for city slickers. Some of the standout pieces include a water repellent duffel coat with flashy orange lining and a teddy finish in the hood, a loose popover hooded skateboarding jacket with contrasting zips on the sides and army-style fatigues in a soft and warm brushed cotton fabric. The early 90s vibe of this season is reflected in a bunch of ways: waffled overshirts, hooded t-shirts, boatnecks, carpenter pants and bomber jackets, to name only a few. We haven’t even mentioned the variety of stripes in all shapes and colors, did we?

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