Girls Fall/Winter '19 Lookbook

For chapter two of our 30th anniversary, we figured nothing could be better than a prolonged stay in the place that started it all for us; the village of Bellerose, New York with big brother New York City close by. Very much inspired by late 80s & early 90s street- and sportswear, this collection goes right back to the roots of our brand.

In our Girls’ collection, we offer a wide range of garments that are perfect to mix and match with. Whether you want to go wild with an extra-long and bubbly down jacket paired with loose fitting 90s style patched jeans and a boxy, a-shaped Oxford shirt or if you’d rather keep it street chic with a leopard print coat along with pleated chinos and a slim long sleeve t-shirt with a ruffled collar, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

The balance between girly refinement and tomboyish cool was carefully considered, resulting in plissé skirts, dresses with floral prints and silky blouses, next to denim dungarees, retro hooded sweatshirts with checked lining and popover vests. The ever-present athleisure influence is still there too, evident in everything from multicolored stripes on sweaters and socks to all over prints on leggings and t’s. The injection of lively, popping colors gives off an energy that can truly be felt.

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