One Unique Jacket, Three Unique Women.

Dangerously close to being the perfect transitional piece, reversible jackets have become a staple in our women’s collections throughout the years. We love finding new ways to make them stand out and we’ll be damned if we didn’t outdo ourselves this season. Hinting at both our own heritage (original logo stitched on one of the pockets, serious sportswear-vibe) and some of our key-inspirations (“Spoiled Boys” is a direct Keith Haring-reference), this soft and comfy gem consists of a tri-color velvet fabric on one side and embroidered viscose twill on the other. With so many different ways to wear it, we decided to let 3 different women do their own thing. 


Leaving behind her hectic life as a fashion journalist and editor-in-chief, a few years ago Amandine decided to pursue the dream that had been in the back of her head for a while: her own flower shop. She selects organic flowers that are grown locally and then creates unique, lively bouquets that can be ordered directly from her every Friday. If you live in Brussels, they’ll be delivered by bike on the same day. In all its simplicity, a brilliant idea if you ask us.


Having been exposed to the world of art and fashion from a very young age, Hannah loves discovering new, inspiring places and exhibitions. But what she loves even more is spending time with her friends, while playing hockey together or while talking about whatever comes to mind and enjoying a drink at Café Belga, the place-to-be on Place Flagey in Brussels. She currently studies psychology but is very much open to see what career the future will bring her.


Stephanie started working as an interior designer in the same year that Bellerose started… and that’s not where the similarities end. Like us, Stephanie opts for raw, unprocessed materials and natural colors, while respecting the soul of any building she works on. She loves the diversity and constant challenge her job offers, ranging from finding just the right vintage sofa to complete a living room, to totally renewing the interior of an old townhouse.


Thank you Amandine, Hannah and Stéphanie for having us!

Pictures : Victoria Nossent

Words : Bjorn Dossche

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