Four ways to rock jumpsuits

 Jumpsuits are without a doubt a key to a confident outfit. After all, there’s a reason why they’re often referred to as statement pieces. The head-to-toe silhouette sounds like an easy go-to option and it definitely can be, but just like trousers or dresses, jumpsuits can be styled multiple ways. A big part of pulling this look off simply is picking the right piece for you, not too tight nor too loose.

With vintage workwear being a major influence on what we do, jumpsuits have been a long-standing staple in all of our collections. Their versatility and character remain inspiring. We’re huge fans of opposites that work well together: styling casual jumpsuits with feminine pieces or a dash of colour, for instance. Or alternatively, mixing a festive jumpsuit with less formal, even minimal accessories. Besides, there’s a jumpsuit for every season and pretty much every occasion. 



If you’re going for a very casual jumpsuit style to inject a touch of workwear in your closet, there are many ways to play around with it. Adding a belt to the outfit can easily help define the waist and work as a nice contrast. Here we simply made a slack knot with the sleeves for a laid-back, yet adjustable outfit. 

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We’ll never get tired of the art of layering. The good news is that you can also use your layering skills with jumpsuits! Here you can find one styled with a slim fitting black jacket and the compulsory oversized checked winter coat, making for a sweet and cosy look, ideal for those who love being comfortable. Another option is to layer a shirt or top underneath, you just have to make sure it matches well with a sleeveless jumpsuit like this one. Then, add a pair of sneakers of your choosing, and you’re done. 

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This season, it’s hard not to notice the bumbags that are simply everywhere. More than the mere practical bag that it (mainly) used to be, they now come into a plethora of styles and have become an object of desire. While wearing a jumpsuit can make one feel a little overdressed, pairing it with a bumbag and a dose of cool will quickly shake off that feeling.  

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Another all-in-one solution; dungarees will give your wardrobe a tomboyish vibe. Here, the warm coloured stripes lend a fun and joyful feeling to an otherwise basic outfit. Dungarees worn with one strap undone bring us right back to the 90’s (hi TLC!) and we’re fine with that. Deliciously nonchalant in winter and a great help to beat the heat in the summer.

Text : Sybille Kowalski

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