A Love For Layers

We can see the appeal of summer – because, sure, mojitos on the beach do have a certain charm - but our favorite season is coming up right now. Fall is here and with that, chilly mornings, windy weekends and above all: the chance to layer-up again. We can finally put those soft flannel shirts and warm knit sweaters to work and create actual outfits. Enthusiastic as we are, we created 3 looks that combine lively colors with traditional autumnal tints in comfy Bellerose-style silhouettes. Feel free to adapt them to suit your preferences, we’re only here to help.

Questions? Need some styling advice? Let us know and we’ll gladly answer.


The Baller

The key to a non-boring Fall outfit? A pop of unexpected color. Our ochre Humer jacket can provide just that. Perfectly balancing retro and progressive, its slick, quilted look and boxy shape make it the perfect outer layer. Underneath, pretty much every sweater and/or shirt will do, but we opted for a classic combo: a bleached denim button down shirt under a slightly rugged corduroy sweatshirt. Finish the look with a clean looking pair of dark blue jeans and brogues if you’re going out for dinner or do what we did: military-style fatigues with a pair of crisp white sneakers. The Baller oozes the confidence we all aim for. Give it a go.


The Guru

Trying to keep it a little more low-key? The Guru’s discreet but has plenty of style. Here, we combined one of our coolest pants – the off white Peeh corduroys – with a matching beanie and a dark blue hunter-style jacket. Our Peeh pants have a unique, comfy shape (high on the waist, plenty of room on the thighs, tapered towards the ankles with a 29” length), whereas the Have jacket isn’t only timeless in style, it’s also super practical because you can fold it up and put it in the small pouch that comes with it. Close the jacket and the silhouette will be simple and neat, open it up and our striped Gabion sweater will be the surprise that brings everything to life.


The Pilot

Blue’s good for you. Just check out your wardrobe, it’s a proven fact. Look # 3 pairs the dark ink blue of our Pogg pants (a loose and tapered shape in premium herringbone cotton) with the lighter sky blue of the Levi’s Vintage Bomber Jacket we fell in love with as soon as we saw it. Then of course, there’s a touch of blue in that irresistible Patagonia pullover fleece as well. To brighten up this silhouette even more, we picked our Gibbs shirt in poppy red. Solid, yet light cotton with a button-down collar? Yes sir, easy does it. If you think it’s all a little much, just take out the jacket or the fleece for a simpler variation on this winning look.

Pictures : Nathalie Gabay
Words : Bjorn Dossche

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