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To celebrate the launch of our new capsule collection, called Working Overtime, we decided to invite 7 inspiring and interesting professionals across all ages and ask them about their personal vision of the back-to-work season. You'll find a PR manager, a photographer, an interior designer, an art director and more, and get to see which Bellerose outfit they've chosen to celebrate their return to work after a well-deserved summer break.

All of them are based in Brussels, a city we love and which is filled with talented people that we support and admire. As you may know, the Belgian capital is also our home, so it made all the sense in the world to focus on our city's very own inspiring characters.

We met up with them at hip Brussels spot the Jam Hotel, a former art school which was recently revamped and immediately became one of Europe's coolest design hotels.

Read their interviews and discover our new capsule collection below!

Addicted to Supreme? Yes, I must admit I am quite addicted to this brand. I think they always have great collaborations and, as a former skater, I have a lot of respect for this brand. I’ve already stood in line in front of the shop for hours just to buy something…

How many beauty spots do you have ? I used to have a lot but I’ve had several of them removed, so I’d say… less than I used to :)

What did you get up to last night? I watched Pulp Fiction last night, it had been a while and it’s a movie I love, especially the burgers scene with Samuel L. Jackson. And the soundtrack is amazing!

Your guilty pleasure? While travelling, I can’t help but buy socks. I know it’s not the most glamorous thing but no matter where I go, I have to buy some! I love how new socks feel on my feet J In terms of guilty pleasures also, I am really interested in sneakers, which I used to collect. It’s less of an obsession now but I used to buy pretty much a pair a day…

The cigarette you enjoy smoking the most? Right after acting like Superman on my bike.


A time where I’ve felt phoney? At a client’s office, looking at photos from a shoot which had been highly edited in-house. I said I loved the result although I found the images really really ugly, but I didn’t feel like starting an argument with them.

The last time you called in sick, although you were actually just hungover? A long time ago, after a festival. I said I got food poisoning from seafood, a classic excuse. On Tuesday, I got asked which restaurant it was, I said it was in Ghent and no one asked anything else!

Your favorite shower songs ? Sugar Me by Lynsey de Paul Or Good Times by CHIC.

My current projects : Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Cartier’s Tank watch and a meet & play with David Goffin, our brand ambassador for Piaget.

How are you getting ready for back-to-school season? I usually get ready with a new chic and quirky Bellerose outfit and a new perfume ! For me, back-to-school season must smell of floral notes wrapped in sensual scents cedar and musk. Regarding work, I’m currently having a lot of personal meetings with journalists to inspire them thanks to my clients’ projects.


Our question for you, Serge le Mytho (« Serge the Mythomaniac), is: what’s the biggest lie you’ve ever said? 

O : Jade is my sister but I’ve never told her.

Will we be invited to your wedding?

J: For sure, as long as you dress all our guests !  

How long have you spent on Instagram these past few days?

 J & O: Less than half an hour per day.

The epitome of bad taste?

J: People who aren’t at ease with themselves.

Your dream apartment?

O & J: Ours, obviously! 

How is Marylin?

O & J: Still as incredible, though she sheds a lot!

Your upcoming respective projects?

J: I’m launching my own architecture, concept and design company.

O: I’m working on an album cover design and a music video for a young pop artist, as well as corporate identities and branding projects for restaurants and more.

Pictures : Sebastien Bonin

Stylism : Marine Gabaut

Make-up : Florence Samain 



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