An insider's guide to Hamburg

Located North-West of big sister Berlin, Germany's second largest city's got nothing to be shy about. Also known as the "Getaway to the world" thanks to it's famous harbor, Hamburg is a true maritime city with everything that comes with it - seafood, gulls, and changeable weather. Home to the debut of the Beatles, the city now vibrates to the sound of it's unique electronic music scene. To get an insider's view on the city, we asked instagramer Tobias Wendt (aka @by.tobi) to tell us about his favorites spots around Hamburg. 

" Hamburg meine Perle - Hamburg my pearl is what the Hamburgers say when they refer to their charming hometown in the north of Germany. Well known for its harbor and, therefore its maritime flair, Hamburg is a wonderful destination for a city trip " 


The more alternative neighborhood called Schanze is known for cool second-hand shops, cafés, bars and a great amount of cultural offers in general. A stroll through this diverse area - as well as through the Karoviertel next to it - will never get boring! 




Our favorite place to have a coffee is the cozy Cafe Panter, located in the Marktstraße, a street full of unique places.


Cafe Panter Marktstraße 3 20357 Hamburg




Every Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm, you can start the weekend at the big flea market, where I’ve already found some little treasures. Come by and sneak a peak!


Flohschanze Neuer Kamp 30 20357  Hamburg



A well spent evening in the Schanze may start with a delicious Falafel at Azeitona... And if the weather is particularly shitty - and believe us, this happens quite often - have a drink in one of the vintage couches at the Sofabar.

Azeitona, Beckstraße, 17 20357
Zoe 2 (Sofabar/Su*B) Neuer Pferdemarkt 17, 20359 Hamburg


If you’re looking for a calm and green space, don’t hesitate to visit Planten un Blomen, one of the many parks in the city. The pretty botanical garden of the university of Hamburg is located there.

Ohnhorststraße, 22609 Hamburg



For the photography enthusiast, a visit in the Deichtorhallen may be a real highlight. The changing photography exhibitions to all kind of specific topics are always interesting and inspiring. If you want more culture and art, continue with a visit of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the most famous museum of the city.


Deichtorhallen Deichtorstraße 1, 20095 Hamburg  
Hamburger Kunsthalle Glockengießerwall, 20095 Hamburg




Water is omnipresent in Hamburg. The coolest beach bar in town is Strandpauli, close to the Landungsbrücken. From there you can take a ferry to the Elbstrand, the beach at the Elbe, which will offer you a great view over the harbor while enjoying a drink at the Strandperle or you can simply bring your own stuff and have a picnic. 


Strandpauli St. Pauli Hafenstraße 89, 20359 Hamburg
Strandperle Övelgönne 60, 22605 Hamburg




Make your own postcard photo in the Speicherstadt and have a walk between the old storehouses. 




For little breaks in between, grab a bunch of the delicious and typical cinnamon pastries called Franzbrötchen, you’ll find the best one at Die kleine Konditorei. If you're a coffee person, then head to Café Milch, a former milk store in the Portuguese neighborhood that will fulfill all your afternoon cravings. 


Die kleine Konditorei Osterstraße 176 20255 Hamburg (three more times in Hamburg)
Milch Ditmar-Koel-Straße 22, 20459 Hamburg




Lastly, if you're looking for a little green friend to bring back home, Winkel van Sinkel has any type of cactus or succulent you've ever dreamed of. A little souvenir to remind you of the city of Hamburg.

Winkel van Sinkel Wexstraße 28, 20355 Hamburg




Photographer & writer : Tobias Wendt & Sofia Herf


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