The Fleece Jacket : your new winter essential

Our menswear team has been working on a long-term solution to make the most out of our outerwear all year round. Since this season they have developed a light-yet-warm sleeveless down vest that can be attached to (almost) every jacket and coat from our current and future collection. A great way to add extra warmth, if you ask us!


Made for each other

The system we've developed is the same on all the outerwear: each jacket or coat includes buttons on the inside and a loop underneath the armpit which allows you to easily attach the down vest to the outerwear. They’re simply made for each other.





Our inside vests come in three different colors. Two of them are recurrent and will remain all year round - Navy Blue and Army Green - while the third one will change every season. This seasons color being a beautiful rusty orange.


The variety of colors allows you to either stay discrete by choosing a matching color or to make a statement with a contrasting color. 




All about the pockets

Once applied to a coat or jacket, our inside vests still allow you to reach the inner pockets of the outerwear. Plus, they all have two inner pockets themselves, which gives you extra space for your phone, wallet, keys, and all sorts of useful (or useless) stuff you want carry around.




Keeping it warm

Composed of real feathers, the down vests will add some extra isolation to any piece of outerwear, making it suitable for colder weather. This allows you to wear our jackets or coats longer across seasons.


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