Smashbox by the Chef : Damien Bouchery's colorful & seasonal dessert

One month ago, we introduced The Smashbox together with Maison Dandoy, and it's been a lot of fun! Smashing and sharing the best quality speculoos ever made, awesome right ? But there's actually much more you can do with 3 giant biscuits and a little hammer. To prove it, we've asked 4 of our favorite chefs from Brussels to create a recipe with the Smashbox. And they've taken it pretty seriously.

To open this series, Damien Bouchery, the very talented Chef and co-Founder of restaurant  together with Bénédicte Bantuelle, created a colorful & seasonal dessert. Here's the complete recipe to create the same chef d'oeuvre at home - but be careful, it's extremely delicious.



Apple confit & dry fruits with caramel ice-cream and Speculoos crumbs.


2 nice apples
100g butter
4 dried figs
50g raisins
50g dates
50g dried apricots
1 pomegranate
1 persimmon
Lemon zests
250g caramel icecream
Dandoy Speculoos crumbs (for his recipe, Damien chose the Pain d'Amande version from the Smashbox)





Quarter and core the apples. 

Gently roast the apples in butter then add the dry fruits. Bake in the oven (80°C) for 3 hours and toss to coat well every once in a while. 

Leave it to cool down.




Plate up the dessert with the apple confit and the fresh pomegranate and persimmon pieces, then add the caramel ice-cream and Speculoos crumbs. 

As a finishing touch, grate a piece of Speculoos on the ice-cream. Voilà!


Tested and approved by Alexandre from Maison Dandoy

Tested and approved by Alexandre from Maison Dandoy


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