Playlist #4 - Lazy Summer

Summer has come for good and the temperatures are going insane. It's definitely time to slow down the rhythm, sit back, extend our legs, have another drink and close our eyes. Here's 44 tracks to tune in to that lazy summer mood. We've had so much sun that's entered our ears while listening to them that we couldn't not share these with you.

Within this playlist made with love, there are two special songs we want to highlight: this month's knock-out and this month's hidden gem.

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Oran Juice Jones - The rain

That guy's a sniper. 

Meaning that he used to serve as a real sniper in the US Marine Corps before the music industry called him for duty. He pursued his second career the same way as the first one: with bullets hitting the mark every single time.

Can you hear the 808 kicking loudly? That's because he was the first R&B artist signed to hip-hop label. OBR Records, a subsidiary of Def Jam Records to be more specific. If that fact doesn't sound that revolutionary to you, here’s some context… Back in 1986 it was kind of a big deal, because at the time hip-hop artists didn't want to have anything to do with other genres, especially not with smooth-sounding R&B.

Orange Juice Jones didn't care. Not only did he impose his voice, he also hijacked the codes of these bad-asses and demonstrated how to be a heart-shaped-mouth pimp.

An example? « My first impulse was to run up on you and do a Rambo, whip out the jammy and flat-blast both of you but I ain’t wanna mess up this thirty-seven hundred dollar lynx coat ».




Miel de Montagne - Pourquoi pas

We can’t shut up about how much we love Pain Surprises Records and all the weird people related to the label.

Miel de Montagne is the new horse in their stable and it seems like he came to this world with his mouth full of sand. A horse with a mouth full of sand called “mountain honey”, singing about how he likes living naked. 

 Sounds good to us. We go for the full monty.



Playlist & Text by our good sound expert Dimitri Goloubev

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