The Stylists’ favorite Bellerose outfits for their kids this summer - Violaine BelleCroix


This summer again, we've asked three of our favorite stylists to select outfits from our current Kids collection and dress their own children for a unique editorial. Our last mum-stylist is Violaine Belle-Croix, the editor in chief of Marie-Claire Enfants and founder of communication agency Fair.e. She is also the mother of three sons, whom she styled for us !




Could you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am the editor in chief of Marie Claire Enfants and the co-founder of Fair.e agency. I’ve been involved in kids fashion since 2003 and started out as the editor in chief of MilK.


How did you get into kids fashion ?

It was a coincidence ! One of my friends was working for MilK and that made me discover a new universe that I haven’t left since.


What do you like most about working in this universe ?

Its creativity, its boldness, its benevolence and its necessary relevance. Kids are relentless judges who do not fall for empty, meaningless projects that lack quality.


What do you pay attention to when dressing your own children ?

Clothing should not be a point of contention with my children. They are free to express themselves (in a reasonable way, of course). I try to both support kids fashion and accept their desires all while keeping my cool !



What do you think of the Bellerose summer 2018 kids’ collection ?

To me, Bellerose Kids represents a perfect balance between fashion and everyday wear. It’s also a brand that puts a lot of effort into its boys’ collection. I have three sons and kids’ fashion tends to be very feminine, so I’m happy to be able to select pieces that are truly designed for them. I love the vintage spirit of the Expo 58 capsule collection. These pieces are reinterpreted in a way that is a perfect blend of modern and retro, just like I like it !


Could you tell us about the items you’ve selected for your three boys ?

I started my selection with sweatshirts, which I know might not seem very logical but it’s my favorite piece for boys to wear. I feel like I’m taking good care of them when I make them wear a pretty, clean and soft sweatshirt ! It wasn’t easy to make a decision. I really enjoyed the stripes on the collection’s sweatshirts and T-shirts. They remind me of a soft version of what my brother and I used to wear waterside in the 80’s. The lightweight bomber jacket might seem very simple at first but it has incredible details (lining, material…), same goes with the camel chinos.




Lastly, what are your favorite places to spend time with your boys in Paris ?

We’ve been living in the 18th arrondissement for a long time and I like how lively and cheerful this area is. We can cross it from the Clignancourt flea market all the way to the Butte Montmartre and discover its thousand facets.

I often go to the Manufacture Parisienne, a place that combines contemporary creations, vintage tableware and a selection of women’s clothing.

I like sharing an avocado toast with a girlfriend at Café Pimpin, having Thai for lunch at Soukhotai or feasting on a Mont d’Or cheese at Comestibles et Marchand de vins. And going on all the merry-go-rounds in the area, from the most classic carousel to Mickey Mouse-themed ones. We all love it !

There’s a lot of places I like actually … Alright, let’s do two more ! The best cheese shop is called Quatrehomme. And a wine shop that only sells natural wine : Vinum Picatum.


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