Ricardo Bofill’s Muralla Roja in Spain - Where Architecture Meets Fashion

For our new Summer 17 capsule collection, our team travelled to Calpe, Alicante, an hour and a half south of Valencia to shoot La Muralla Roja ("The Red Wall"), a whimsical fortress-like edifice which was designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in 1968. The world-famous apartment complex is one of the architect’s most renowned works and a classic in the field of architecture.


Its signature (and incredibly photogenic) style features walls in striking hues of red, blue, lilac and pale pink—or dare we say “millenial pink” —and geometric shapes. The colors were selected with the intention of contrasting or complementing the sky, depending on weather conditions. Remarkably enough, this building looks more contemporary than ever despite the fact that it is over 40 years old. Therefore, it was only natural for us to choose this beautiful location as backdrop to showcase this season’s new collection.


Inspired by the casbah, a walled citadel typical of the traditional architecture of North African countries, the Mediterranean labyrinth-like building is an impressive blend of indoor and outdoor spaces which skillfully combines corridors, open stairways and apartments as well as outdoor areas.


Speaking of outdoors, did we mention the Muralla Roja has a rooftop pool, several roof terraces, a sauna and a solarium? Well, it does! However, it manages to look decadent and luxurious—it was actually built with the idea of providing its inhabitants with “enhanced living” —all while avoiding excess, and this is what makes it such an architectural gem.


Its dainty and vibrant color palette and contrasting austere architecture make for a truly eye-catching work that pairs beautifully with a backdrop of a deep blue sea and Spanish blue skies. Like protected from the outside world, its lucky residents are able to experience “la buena vida” peacefully. We couldn’t stop thinking of how the quietness of the space collides with its imposing look.  


The geometric plan of Muralla Roja is based on the typology of the Greek cross and allows to connect 50 apartments and the building’s service towers, where kitchens and bathrooms can be found. An obviously beloved shooting location for fashion editorials, Muralla Roja is a place where design, fashion and architecture come together perfectly.


Thinking of paying this masterpiece a visit? We strongly advise you to book a room inside the building via AirBnb so you can get the full experience. Aside from stunning beaches, the area also features fascinating historic and cultural sites as well as outstanding hiking trails. And if you feel like treating yourself, we recommend enjoying (surprisingly affordable) high-cuisine with a view at Restaurante Abiss.


Photographer: An Lalemant

Writer: Camille Darroux

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