Inside Bellerose : Véronique


In our "Inside Bellerose" series, we decided to introduce Véronique.

She's been part of the team since 2013 and trust us when we say that she is a true joy to work with. We invite you to discover what's behind this young woman and her bubbly personality.


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When did you start at Bellerose? Why did you choose to work here?

I started in July 2013. I studied international business but always wanted to work in the creative field. My job interview was in June, inbetween two of my final exams. Bellerose said, "Okay, you're in. You can start immediately!" But I was like, "Awesome, but can I go to Dour Festival first?" So that's how I started at Bellerose; with my very first “You've had a tough weekend, right?” - face :-)


What do your tasks consist of? And what is your work process like? 

I work in the Logistics & Customer Service Department. To summarize things briefly: If a Bellerose product has to move from point A to point B, our team has to get going. From the manufacturers all the way to our stores… We're the link between everyone involved in the process. I often have to work together with other departments, which is one of the cool things about working in a family-size company. Your job isn't strictly limited to your job description, you evolve every day. During lunch break you can go and take a look at our designers as they're drawing next season's collection! How great is that?!


We asked you to take us to your 2 favorite places in Brussels: BRUT and CREVETTE RECORDS. Tell us why ! 

   BRUT  Plants & Vintage furniture, 202 Rue Haute, 1000 Brussels   



Plants & Vintage furniture, 202 Rue Haute, 1000 Brussels


I love plants. I have over 28 species in my apartment. I got that from my grandmothers; one's from Cameroon and one's from Belgium but both of them raised their families with fresh, homegrown vegetables and crops. I grew up in the countryside near the Gaume region, surrounded by fields and forests with my sisters and brothers.“Little House On The Prairie"-style but with an African touch! I guess I needed to bring some of that nature to my home in Brussels. I took you to BRUT because they succeeded in creating a magnificent place that smells of exotism, life, luxury and serenity.



And what about CREVETTE RECORDS ?


   CREVETTE RECORDS  Record Store, Rue Blaes 146, 1000 Brussels   



Record Store, Rue Blaes 146, 1000 Brussels


I love electronic music and I especially like to dance to it. Crevette Records has a really nice selection of vinyl, both second-hand and new. You can spend hours there and discover new tracks and new DJ’s, while drinking a fresh beer. The staff is super friendly. It feels like home actually. Once you start buying vinyl it can quickly become an addiction. Not only is the sound quality better but it’s also the materialization of music. It’s like when I am at a party: I have to see the DJ’s face. I need that personalization of music. I like to see the DJ enjoying what he/she is doing and sharing that precious moment with him/her. That's what I love most about music; sharing it with others. When all the dancers are gathered on the dancefloor, enjoying that magical, orgasmic musical moment together. (I sound creepy, right? :-p)



Crevette records also organizes parties in Brussels. They're the best! The kind of parties where you can’t stop dancing. You can feel that you are surrounded by real music lovers that appreciate the DJ’s work.



What word best describes your musical taste ?

Tough one… Groovy maybe? But not only that… I like bass too!



How would you describe your style ?

I definitely have no set style! I can wear a white shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans one day and a sexy silk dress the next. . I just pick up whatever fits with my mood of the day. I think summer clothes suit me better though. Yeah, I'm definitely a child of the sun!


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