City Slickers

Does going back to work after your summer vacation have you stressed?
There’s no need for that. Here’s a few pointers:

1. Take your time to ease back into it, don’t jump in headfirst.
2. Bring some of those holiday vibes with you; your favorite sunglasses or summer bag can do the trick.
3. Enjoy the calmness of a half empty city, soak up some sun when you can.
4. Coffee breaks, of course.
5. It’s the perfect time to switch wardrobes, so take advantage!

We’re going for classy nonchalance, in warm autumnal tones and comfy, natural fabrics.
Blend that with a dash of 90s cool, retro sportswear elements and strong prints and you have a good idea of where things are heading.

Photography & Styling
Nuria Val

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