For our Spring/Summer ’16 season we decided to collaborate with a number of talented bloggers with the idea of having them reinterpret our collection in their own way. The theme was outlined by this collection’s inspirations, the roots of which can be traced back to California in the 1970’s. Sophie a.k.a. Hiloaloa decided to take her joyous family on a surfing trip. They headed to the untamed outdoors of the Landes region in France, in a beautiful vintage car, armed with a camera and a longboard. We’re transported into a holiday shoot with a retro feel, amplified by the photographic style of Ann Lalement. Enthused by the outcome, we decided to reach out to Sophie for a little Q&R…

Where did the shoot take place? Can you describe the location a little?

We went to the Landes region, north of Hossegor. We wanted to do an outdoor shoot that was natural and close to nature, like a family Sunday. We were very close to the ocean.

Please explain your passion for surfing to us, we’re curious!

Yann: It all started when I was 18, after my very first paycheck. I was finally able to buy myself my very own board! Upon riding my first wave the surf syndrome took hold of me straight away.Surfing equals accepting nature’s values, knowing and feeling the elements, the wind, the swells, the moon. It’s a lifestyle rather than a sport. At the age of 20 I started competing in tournaments and surfing in duo, as well as doing acrobatic figures.

Sophie: I don’t surf so it is not my passion, but I share Yann’s though. I love seeing him so enthusiastic when everything falls into a place and surfing conditions are perfect. My true passion is taking pictures and capturing these beautiful moments we share. I’m very proud!

How did you end up transforming into an Instagrammer?

S: It obviously never was a goal in itself, it’s something that just happened. It’s been a little over 3 years now, right before Hilo was born, that I opened up my Instagram account to the general public so to say. Like a lot of others I started posting about my life as a young mother. I think a lot of people felt some sort of kinship with the 3 of us, people seem to be able to identify.


 What’s your vision of the Bellerose brand, how do you perceive it and how do you make it something that is “yours”?

S: Bellerose to me is a synonym for easy pieces, comfortable but always with that little extra; a color, a print, fashionable details… These things are important to me, I love ‘em! Authentic garments that are very feminine and that can be mixed and matched endlessly, be it casual, classic, bohemian… We’re free to tell our own stories with them.


Your future dream projects?

Y:  A house, a dog, a motorcycle and of course lots of surfing!

 S: It’s true that we’re dreamers; we can pass hours and hours just imagining different things. We would love to travel more! We also dream of a house, not necessarily something huge, but a place that is warm and cosy, a welcoming home filled with friends, family and activity… That’s our dream!

Are you more of a city person or the outdoor type?

Both! I grew up in Paris where I was born, I’m a true Parisienne! Nonetheless I could no longer stand the thought that I’d have to wait another year to see the sea again. Living close to the water has become vital for me and I don’t think I could offer Hilo better air than here. After school we head straight for the beach, it’s a blessing for sure. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy going back to the big city to see my family and to stroll down the streets of Paris though.

How do you feel about this first collaboration? 

We’ve loved how everything has turned out, it all came very naturally – a true pleasure. I hope it won’t be the last one! 

You worked with An Laleman - how did that come about?

I met An 2 years ago during a photo project. Ever since we’ve been working together regularly as well as with the Ruban Collectif of which she’s a part! I love her work and her personality. Now that we often shoot together there’s a confidence between us which makes everything very natural, very us!

Picture: An Lalemant for Ruban Collectif

Models: Sophie, Yann & Hilo

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