La vie Gantoise

Thursday September 17th marked the grand re-opening of our store in Ghent. Together with the fine folks at Belmodo andTurbulence we threw a party to celebrate not only our renewed store, but also the connection between Bellerose and this vibrant city. The evening started with a series of miniature plays on the surrounding streets (and docks), displaying various aspects of life in the city of Ghent and the way those intertwine with our brand. There was urban fishing, skateboarding action and more going on – a different approach to your regular fashion show and it worked.

In the meantime everything had been set up in-store to assure a good time. There was music, homemade lemonades (mint & ginger – killer combo!), organic wines, Vedett beer and a food truck providing tasty snacks. People got their picture taken in front of the impromptu wooden photo wall, there were goodie bags and well, it got super busy. The response to the renewed store was overwhelmingly positive, for which we can only be thankful. It took its time, it was a lot of work but above all it was fun and well worth i

La Vie Gantoise, in motion pictures, by Bellerose x Belmodo.

 These pictures were taken by Justine Cornillie, enjoy.

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