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The Steel Boat

At less than a 15 minute drive from Brussels, our head- quarters are the epicenter of all things Bellerose. As most of what we do is done internally we needed a building that reflected the way we see Bellerose and our brand’s image, while at the same time it had to be a functional placethat could house all our activities. From design teams to product developers, from customer service to the digital department or even logistics.

Inside you’ll find desks per department, our showrooms and several creative hubs where we try out future window displays, key looks and interior objects for (future) stores and corners, among many other things.

The common denominator for all of this activity is our rather large kitchen which has a communal table, a place everyone stops by at some point during the day to simply eat,

to get some coffee, to discuss various projects or to orga- nize micro-meetings. Friendships and alliances are forged. Per day, there must be an average of 4 languages spoken in there  This variety is one of our strong points. We have about 70 people that work here, of which 1 in 3 isn’t Belgian. This brings a certain freshness to our creative projects along with a constant will to challenge ourselves with regards to what we do and where we want to go.We still function the way a start-up does, every one ma- nages their own time and schedule, in function of their spe- cific tasks and goals. This style of management stimulates people to take responsibility and attain the goals they set.Projects for 2017: Yoga classes and a new kitchen adap- ted to new needs and eating habits!

03 - office

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03 - office

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