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We spend a lot of time finding the best manufacturers around the world — we visit them often and build strong personal relationships with the owners. A large part of our production remains in the Euro-Med zone and certain spe- cific ranges such as suits, merino knitwear, leather and socks are created using artisanal, traditional methods in countries like France & Italy.

We always try to make sure that every Bellerose garment is produced in an ethically sound and durable manner.

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The Cost

We believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make. We create and design everything ourselves through a styling team that is very competent and creative. Everything happens right here: fabric re- search, color creation, finishing & details, even quality control. We order limited quantities of every item in order to privilige differentiation over mass market.

Question Everything

We constantly challenge the status quo. Nothing is worse than complacency, and as a brand our culture is to dis- sect every single decision we make at every level of the company. We know our customers are also rule breakers and questioners, so we hope this philosophy is palpable in the products and choices we make. And by all means, challenge us too.

Bellerose & Socks, A Love Supreme

Every season we create new color combos for our chiné socks. They’re designed in function of the collection of which they are part of, yet they’re also timeless. For over 10 years every pair of Bellerose socks has been produced in France on circular knitting machines, using only the best yarns available. To make sure our socks adapt themselves to your feet perfectly, they consist of 3 different parts, this technical detail enhances comfort for day to day wear.

With the growth of the brand we thought it would be fit- ting to also offer a line of suits. To complement these impec- cably cut suits we also offer a new line of socks, producedin Portugal from the finest yarns, offering an elegance and sense of detail that is also typically Bellerose.

02 - products


Women & Kids

Our designers feed off a ton of different ideas that they gather in everyday life : exhibitions, architecture, na- ture, street styles,concerts, performances... They all work in their own individual and intuitive manner, allowing them to integrate their own specific sensibilities and to construct their own little universe. For example, inspira- tion can be found in the colors of a flower bouquet that work well together or an old lady on the metro that moves in a certain way...

Once the moment is there our design team gets together to bounce ideas off each other. It is there and then that the connection between their universes has to be established. Bellerose doesn’t blindly follow trends, we have a tendency to work like a lone pair of electrons, and the complexity of Bel- lerose is finding the tie that binds all 4 collections. Somehow though, we always manage to find it. This red line that runs throughout all collections implicates fabrics, prints and colors alike. The theme of a collection often starts with so- mething as small as a print or a picture or as big as an era or a movement – the colors are then determined in function of this theme.


1. Defining a color range per theme and afterwards by delive- ry: there is a basic, season to season, color map to which the seasonal colors are added.

2. Defining a fabric range: there’s fabrics that we use every season, then there’s fabrics we create seasonally to enrichen our portfolio and there‘s exclusive seasonal prints in line with the theme. Our designers are often inspired by chine fabrics and our own extensive archives when thcey create prints.

3. Defining the cuts: as with color and fabrics, there is a solid base of cuts that returns every season, based on our cus- tomers’ needs, which keeps things realistic. On top of that we always add different cuts that are more challenging, brea- thing the Bellerose DNA.

4. Bellerose pays extreme attention to details: lining in exclu- sive house made prints, buttons in all shapes and forms, the stitching etc.



When it comes to our men’s collection one of our biggest and most important inspirations has always been (and will continue to be) workwear. The details inherent to clas-sic workwear can be found all over our men’s garments. Whether it’s military uniforms, worker jackets or sailor sweaters, the specific style, touch and feel of these ar- ticles have been part of our heritage since day one.


Outerwear, Casual & Technical at the same time

Our jackets & coats usually have sleeves that are part ra- glan and part sewn directly, inspired by raincoats. Assem- bling raglan sleeves allows for a lot of freedom to move around, even when the coat is worn over different layers or over a suit. We reinterpreted this detail by also usinga more classic, directly sewn technique; the result is a garment with a sharp look from the shoulders down, while leaving the freedom to adapt to different situations.


The Shirt, the DNA of our brand

Seeing how Bellerose started out with just a line of men’s shirts, it remains one of our key items. Most of our shirts have collars without stays to underline the workwear feel; they’re fairly short in order to be worn over pants, not tucked in. By default, our shirts are washed and slightly wrinkled before being delivered.

Since the introduction of modern city style suits in our collection we’ve also added a cleaner, dressier line of shirts that are longer (so they can be tucked in) and that do have collar stays.


Why is it so hard to find a good basic t-shirt ? 

The specific thing about our cotton t-shirts is that they respect the limitations that come with working with circu- lar looms, we call these slub t-shirts. Most manufacturers stretch out the fabric so that the frame would fit straight on to the t-shirt. Our t-shirts usually have a sloping motif because of the way they’re produced, respecting the natu- ral inclinations that cotton has, this way they’ll stay with you longer as you wear and wash them.