In the City - Four ways to go back to work in style, by Anthony Lee

What do you think of when someone mentions Liverpool ? The Beatles, right ? Well, when we think of Liverpool these days, we also think of Anthony Lee. If you’re unfamiliar, he’s a young professional creative and content creator that moved up North after having studied in London. His ALPS blog and Instagram account showcase some of the things we truly appreciate, such as a love for quality garments, clean lines, comfortable fits and monochromes. 

We asked him to select some of his favorite Bellerose pieces and wear them the way he’d otherwise wear them. Here’s what came out.  


Let’s start with an almost completely navy look with some interesting subtleties in the mix. Anthony took the blue version of our boiled wool Goney overshirt, then paired it with some looser tapered denim and a good old plain white tee. The green Hoch gilet adds some color and is worn “under the overshirt rather than on top so that it doesn't take away from the simple silhouette”. Well put!


While the tucked in tee and navy Jawk coat give it a smarter edge, we’re still dealing with an essentially comfy, casual look here because of the loose flat front Pyto chinos and green down Hoch gilet. Even if we’re not used to seeing Anthony combining that many colors, it’s one of his favorite looks. “Navy isn't normally a color I go for”, he says, “but you can't say no when it's paired up with those khaki greens and neutral beige!”.


Going slightly Japanesy here, Anthony combined one of our coolest pants of the season (Jeep fatigues!) with a striped shirt that is a couple of sizes too big. The whole outfit is super simple but works like magic, focusing on shapes rather than layers. Wondering why he chose to add those sneakers? “I used the Nikes to add a pop of color and really push through that casual styling”, Anthony explains, so there you go. That said, you can also try some smarter boots or shoes here.


Finally, taking those same tarmac green Jeep fatigues down a different road, Anthony mixed them with the Toffee version of our boiled wool Goney overshirt (loving that peculiar color!) and a simple white shirt underneath. Overall, it’s a super warm, dressed down look. “Something I'd consider when going to the shops or taking the dog for a walk”, Anthony states. We agree and love how he did something very different with the military-style pants as a starting point.



Pictures : Anthony Lee
Words : Bjorn Dossche

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