Men Fall/Winter '19

True to form, our men’s collection is always designed with both form and function in mind. Its roots can be traced back to casual Americana, mixing workwear, military-inspired garments and touches of sportswear with more formal, almost preppy elements. Timeless styles reinterpreted the Bellerose way – with a great attention to details.

Many of those components can also be found in the magnificent apartment where this editorial was shot. In a very masculine, yet cozy setting you can find an eclectic mix of ideas and styles. Without restraints, vintage objects and unexpected artworks are placed in a decor that consists of meticulous woodwork and other noble materials. It’s a place that is both beautiful and practical, using very different components to form a balanced whole.

Located close to Place Flagey in Brussels – known for its colorful hodgepodge of cultures and creativity – this apartment from the 1920s and the park nearby seemed perfectly fitting as a backdrop. Not only because of Bellerose’s ties with the city, but also because of that typical Belgian weather; thick raindrops and sunshine, a cold breeze and unexpected heat all in one day. Its in that context that our clothes work best, honestly.

Layering up with a removable down vest, getting the right piece of outerwear out of the closet, maybe adding a nice cashmere sweater that can be both warm and cool: these are all reflexes you’ll easily recognize. Going for looks that are stylish but – above all – perfectly wearable, we went for a base consisting of basic fall/winter colors, only to add colorful or slightly eccentric elements such as an electric blue fleece, a checked wool scarf or a dose of stripes.

As always, our love for authentic, natural fabrics can be felt, as well as the work that went into getting the fits of our pants, shirts and outerwear just right. A cut above, that’s where we aim to be. To finish the silhouettes shot, we opted for simple yet effective sneakers or dressier shoes that refuse to go out of style. It don’t matter if you’re a craftsman, marketing manager, barista or artist, an easy-does-it type or someone that spends hours in front of the mirror: we want you to be able to wear our garments on a daily basis and feel good in them. 

Pictures : Nathalie Gabay

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