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For years we’ve been fans of Black&Wood, an outstanding travel blog run by Parisian free lancers and adventurers Marine and Thibault. Their articles are always inspiring, fun to read and guaranteed to point you in the right direction if you’re in need of tips on where to go, eat or sleep. When the opportunity arose to collaborate with them for a Journal post on Fuerteventura, we didn’t have to think twice. That’s about all we can say, we’ll let Marine and Thibault do the talking now. Enjoy.

Ever since our trip to Tenerife in January 2017, we've been eager to visit the Canary Islands again. We fell in love with these Spanish islands located west of Morocco and felt like heading there again at the beginning of the winter would be ideal to give us an early taste of spring.


This time, we decided to visit Fuerteventura; an island known for its strong winds and a hotspot for dedicated kite surfers! With its gorgeous beaches, volcanos and mountains, Fuerteventura simultaneously reminded us of Iceland and the American West Coast.


It is worth noting that, like the other islands that are part of the archipelago, Fuerteventura also is a place where mass tourism occurs. This negative image tends to cause prejudice among travellers, but since the island is big, we promise you can avoid the crowds that tend to gather in the southern part of Fuerteventura. By avoiding seaside resorts, you'll be able to enjoy a nature-focused holiday filled with gorgeous hikes.


Alright, let's get started! Here's what we think you should do and see in Furteventura.


Cofete Beach

Cofete is one of the most breathtaking beaches we've ever seen. That's right! We love how the mountains provide a unique backdrop and its white sand. Plus, the ocean has this enchanting deep blue hue... However, avoid going for a swim: strong current and high waves await!


This 12-kilometer long beach is an unmissable sight. To access it, following a mountain track is required, and that makes getting to see it even more magical! No need to rent a 4x4 though, a regular city car can manage easily. Just be careful and drive slow on the meandering roads!


A lot of travellers tend to stop before reaching Cofete and only drive until the "Sobre Puerto de Montaña" viewpoint. Of course, it allows you to see the beach from afar, but we really think it is worth going to the end of the track to complete the adventure!


The City of Carralejo

 When traveling, we always make sure to spend at least a few days in a city. During our trip to Fuerteventura, we spent two nights in Corralejo, a lively town with its own, small port that's both a seaside resort and a "real" town. Where "real people" live.


The city center beach is small and pretty and has the small island of Los Lobos as its backdrop. Here, swimming is safe, so take advantage! Plus, it's great to see beaches that are different to the ones from the southern resorts!


Our tip in Corralejo: El Agua

This small, intimate bar serves delicious, creative cocktails. Or, you can also choose to sip on sangria while watching the ocean! Each drink is served in an eye-catching glass and served with a small plate of tapas.

Agua Tiki Bar - Avenida Maritima 7, 35660 Corralejo, La Oliva, Fuerteventura


Corralejo Dunes

 The Corralejo nature park is located right outside of the city. The FV-1A road crosses it and, if you follow it, you will get to cross an actual sand desert. This unique landscape is definitely a must-see! The area reminded us of the Death Valley's Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, except this desert is right by the ocean. We recommend you take a short break on your way to stop and enjoy the beauty of the area.


This nature park also features many beaches that surfers will appreciate! Same goes for travellers looking for a peaceful escape.


El Cotillo

El Cotillo is a surfers' paradise located in the northern part of Fuerteventura. The city is located close to a long beach (or, rather, a row of small beaches surrounded by dramatic cliffs). There, the ocean produces perfect waves for surfers to ride. Don't miss this great panorama!


Our tip in El Cotillo: L’Olivier Corse

A welcoming and nicely decorated tapas bar that recently opened its doors and is located in an old building of El Cotillo's city center. It is run by French owners (this area of the island is home to a lot of French speakers). The menu combines the owner's Corsican roots and Canarian influences. We loved the result!

L’Olivier Corse - Calle Mallorquin 34, 35560 El Cotillo, La Oliva, Fuerteventura


Suggested hikes in Fuerteventura

Montaña del Cardón

A nice and fairly easy hike in the southern part of the island. Plan around 1.5 hours on a rocky path. At the beginning of the hike, you will enjoy the orange hues of the Cardón volcano and, after going up for about 30 minutes, you will see the gorgeous Jandia peninsula from a distance and a white sandbank.


Calderón Hondo

Another easy hike in the north of Fuerteventura. The path goes along and around the Hondo volcano, which seems to have come out of nowhere as it is located in a very flat area. This hike will also take you around 1.5 hours. Added bonus: halfway through, you will get to see Lanzarote!


In a nutshell, we like that Fuerteventura provides travellers with very diverse landscapes including volcanos, beaches and sand deserts. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the island! Mass tourism is limited to the southern part of the island and it is easy to find more authentic areas!


We would recommend visiting Fuerteventura to those who want to feel far away from home without having to take a long-distance flight, and to all surfers and water sports lovers! 

Getting there

Low-cost airlines such as Vueling, Transavia and EasyJet travel to Fuerteventura. It is easy to find return plane tickets for about 70€. 

Getting around

Renting a car is by far the best way to explore the island. We recommend CICAR, a local car rental company that has offices absolutely everywhere. Plus, they allow us to travel by ferry with your car in case you wish to see additional islands.

How long

A week is ideal to discover Fuerteventura.

When to go

The weather is great all year long in Fuerteventura! We think going in winter is best to enjoy some spring-like vibes early. Plus, that means there will be less tourists on the island.

Where to stay

Most hotels in Fuerteventura are resort-like chains with large swimming pools. If you are interested in these kinds of facilities, Sol Beach House seems like a good option.

For a more intimate stay, check out Airbnb; you'll find charming little houses at affordable prices.

Pictures & text by Marine Etoubleau and Thibault Pailloux from Black&Wood

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