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Meeting Marion equals meeting a true bundle of energy and passion. At 34, she runs a versatile creative studio called Bonheur Permanent and offers slow experiences under the Do Nothing Club moniker. As someone that thrives on creativity, expression, new discoveries and impulses, Marion has the type of style we love and was a perfect fit for our Friends With Style series.

Comfort is key and this look fully embraces that idea. As you’ll read in the interview, Marion’s a fan of the elegant tomboy look as seen here. Those Lee dungarees are perfect, definitely when worn with another favorite of Marion’s; the creamy Volcano sweater by Nicholson & Nicholson. For balance, finish with a very feminine accessory, such as this beautiful Anthology handbag.


Even if it seems a little out of character, sometimes you’ve got to go all the way and the result will amaze. Marion gave our flashy pink Datti sweater a try – it’s about as snuggly as it gets – and paired it with understated, super comfy vanilla color corduroy pants. Just add sneakers and a cool checked wool bob hat and you’ve got an outfit that is bold without going overboard.


Not quite sure if creamy colors are your thing? No worries, here’s the dark navy version of that Nicholson & Nicholson turtleneck sweater. Oversized, warm and comfy; it’s the perfect winter companion. To our surprise, Marion wanted to wear our corduroy Vento dress over it and we’ve got to admit that it does work!


Ton-sur-ton? Always a good idea if you ask us. Marion pulls off this look effortlessly, combining our high waist, wide leg Lotan pants with a cream turtleneck sweater. Tuck it in a little for maximal effect. The pair of Saucony Azura sneakers spice things up a little with a minimal dash of color.


When did you first become aware of fashion and your tastes?

At a very young age. When I was 5, I was already telling my mother what I wanted and did not want to wear.

What do you find important about the clothes that you wear? Was there a specific item that you really fell for during the shoot?

I’m a very visual person. I like telling stories through the clothes I wear, and the Nicholson & Nicholson Volcano sweater ticked all of the boxes. Its fit, its soft touch, its collar; it’s everything I look for.

Do you remember how you first came across Bellerose?

I discovered the brand some 3 years ago through a press agent. I really enjoy the freedom the Bellerose universe offers. There’s something both elegant and relaxed about it at the same time, which corresponds with my personality. It has an independent character and a subtle boldness that I really dig too.  

What are the fall/winter trends you’ve adopted? Which ones did you leave for what they were?

I’m keeping big sweaters in which you feel comfy and dungarees for a tomboy touch. Love those. Also: the wool bob hat for a nonchalant edge. Leaving slim fit jeans because they don’t always flatter and aren’t always easy to wear.

When did you decide to start your own agency?

It’s been a little over 10 years now that I’ve been in the world of communication and events. I used to free-lance for several agencies in the luxury segment. After that I helped start Paulette Magazine where I built the communication & events department, I stuck around there for 5 years. It became evident to me that I needed to start my own thing, in order to enrich my expertise in those fields with creative direction and image consulting, which lead to me launching Bonheur Permanent 4 years ago.

With Bonheur Permanent you engage in plenty of different projects, in which you play a different role every time, like you said. How do you manage to switch between those different roles?

Switching from one project to another is exactly what I love about my job. There’s no routine! It also enables me to take some distance from every project and to nourish all of them with the insights I gain in the others. There often are little bridges that connect different projects and there are talents to be used to strengthen each experience.

So, there’s no typical day at Bonheur Permanent?

Nope. I used to have an office, but I let it go about a year ago because I needed a change. Life is a series of cycles and because of that I try to make my decisions instinctively. Since then, I’ve been working from home or from bars and hotels. I have a couple of spots in Paris I love going back to. Plus, it allows me to work from Marseille or abroad too if I decide to (laughs). I like the idea of a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. Obviously, there are limits to that freedom and it can get a little tiring. If it becomes too much to deal with, it’s time for a change.

You radiate a true desire to create and to undertake, where does your energy and inspiration come from?

As simple as it may sound, I need to create, and I need to be excited by new projects to progress. I love having 1000 things going on. An image, a movie, a song, an exhibition, a phrase in a book – they can all inspire me to create. After that, it’s all about giving it my all for that project. It’s what I do and it’s not always easy sorting through these ideas and finalizing the projects that are already going.

Can you tell us what the Do Nothing Club is all about?

The Do Nothing Club is there for those that want to slow down their daily life. We offer a range of slow experiences to take care of one’s self. It’s about discovery, exchange, becoming conscious of what surrounds us, reconnecting and returning to what’s essential. I launched the Do Nothing Club with my friend Bénédicte, who does a podcast called Elementaire Club which also reflects on our modern ways of living.

Today, what we do translates into several things: appointments during which we offer talks, workshops, practical spirituality, artistic discoveries but also stays and a collection of slow homewear. We’re currently working on the next chapter in which the word club will fully realize it’s meaning. So, stay tuned!

What else are you working towards? Where would you want to be in 5 years from now?

I would love to continue to live experiences and offer the same to others. It doesn’t matter if those are artistic or slow or whatever, as long as they’re positive for people’s balance and the planet.  My dream on a professional level is to have an artist’s residence, a place where artists and other creative minds can meet to create unique eco-responsible projects for a better tomorrow.

Your 5 favorite spots in Paris right now?

Le Palais de Tokyo: I love its different spaces, its bookstore and most of its exhibitions. I like how it’s open until late too. La Philharmonie: To witness a piano concert in the big room is pure joy. A Rebours Paris: A concept store & gallery with a nice art selection. Le Pigalle Hôtel: Where I work most of the time and organize meetings. Le Grand Bain:  Restaurant & natural wine bar, I love nibbling on a little snack at the counter.

What are the events that we cannot miss out on in Paris this winter?

The FIAC art fair in October. Pitchfork Festival in November which focuses on electronic music in La Vilette. Le Bouillon de Minuit, a culinary event which allows you to reserve tables in small restaurants late at night. Of course, also the next big event by the Do Nothing Club which should take place before the end of the year (laughs).

Pictures: Alex Socks

Words: Bjorn Dossche

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