The Stylists’ favorite Bellerose outfits for their kids this summer - Belen Antolin


This season again, we've asked three of our favorite stylists to pick outfits from our Kids collection and to dress their own children for a very special and personal editorial. Our second mum-stylist is Belen Antolin, freelance fashion editor from Madrid.



Can you tell us a bit about you ? Who you are, what you do ?

 I was a creative director of Vogue Spain for the 18th past years. Now I am a freelance fashion editor and creative director so I work for my own.



How did you end up working for Vogue Spain ?

I was studying marketing and the director of the university proposed me to do some internship at Vogue. I was 22 years old and I loved Vogue so I started in 1999 as an assitant.

What do you like the most about what you do ?

I like to see the final result of images after having it in my head. 

Could you imagine working in something less creative ?

I don't think so. If I had to, I would make it creative in my way, thats for sure !

You live in Madrid, do you consider yourself a city woman ?

Yes, but more and more the country is getting my heart. I need it more than the city now.

Can you tell us about the day you spent with your daughter Julieta and this amazing location ?

This is the house of my husbands family, in Valladolid. In the spring and summer it is just amazing to spend time in this place. Everything you see in the pictures is normal in our days here. We horseride to the river, do some gardening (Julieta's grandmother just LOVES gardening her flowers), ... The time goes slower here. We also love the animals and our dog, Rita, follows Julieta and the cats everywhere !





Can you tell us about the pieces you have chosen for the pictures, for you and for her ?

I chosed pieces that could work in the country, easy to wear, but also pretty. I love white dresses and I always wear hat in summer. Julieta loves to be dressed in skirts and dresses, but this time those strapped trousers are perfect for being around jumping from the trees. 





 What’s your impression on the Bellerose ss18 collection (Woman and Kids) ?

It is fresh and casual but always with a touch, so you feel confortable but “cute and pretty” even planting some strawberrys.




And finally, what are your 5 favorite places to spend time with your kids in Madrid and around ?


When I stay in Madrid, I love to go to the “Parque El Capricho”. It is less crowded than the Retiro park and it has beautiful spots to sit and relax.

If we have time to go a bit further, I love to spend a day in Chinchon. My cousin has a beautiful place there and kids loves to run free in the square with donkeys walks and little street market.

In madrid, Julieta and me love to go to the Natural Science Museum. It's great for smaller kids but it is also a nice walk. 

When we go shopping, we love to go to Thanks Mum. She always picks her favourite Bellerose pieces there.

After school, Julieta loves to go and have an Ice-cream to La Romana, an Italian ice-cream shop. So when spring starts we go there once a week after class.  

A great plan is also to go to the old Madrid. Julieta loves it because we don't go so often. When we go there, we have an aperitivo in La Plaza Mayor and we eat the very famous Huevos Estrellados of La Taberna del Almendro


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