Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Expo '58 In Our Spring Summer Collection

This year, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1958's World Exposition in Brussels — known by Belgians as EXPO '58. For the occasion, our Designer Team has made the iconic event their main source of inspiration for our current Spring/Summer collection.


Expo '58 was an event that marked an entire generation. It brought the whole world to people’s doorsteps in pre-internet times, to a country that was longing to completely recover from World War II. Whether it was architecture, engineering, culture or science, Expo ’58 was all about unbridled optimism and an unshakable confidence in progress.

With Bellerose’s 30th anniversary drawing closer, it seemed only logical to retrace our steps and look at what made Bellerose into what it is today. A key component of our DNA has always been our Belgian heritage - with its own quirks and contradictions. In Expo ’58 we found the perfect symbiosis of that heritage as well as our cosmopolitan, open-hearted world view.




It goes without saying that we found an enormous amount of ideas in Expo ’58 specifically and its timeframe in general. Moreover, it was amazing to see how easily and naturally these ideas could be translated to our collections. Not only in terms of styles and cuts but even more so when it came to graphics and prints. Whether it was the original artwork of Lucien De Roeck (the designer of the official Expo ’58 logo and poster), the nine spheres of the Atomium or the wardrobes of the exposition’s visitors; an abundance of inspiration was there for the taking.


Our designers' EXPO '58 moodboard

Our designers' EXPO '58 moodboard


Stylistically, there’s plenty going on. Slim fitting knit tops and lightweight merino sweaters can be tucked into high-waist skirts with a mid-calf length or worn over fluid, tapered tailored pants. Delicate tie-neck shirts in featherlight fabrics clash nicely with utilitarian denim overalls or loose yet feminine flat front sailor slacks.


BLR Look Book 18149298.jpg
BLR Look Book 18150762.jpg


Dresses come in many different forms; from comfortably oversized to long and flared. Simple, gracious lines dominate the outerwear this season, focusing on comfort and classy nonchalance as can be seen in our 50’s-inspired, boxy worker jacket with Peter Pan collar and our minimalistic, back to basics parka.


BLR Look Book 18150606.jpg
BLR Look Book 18149410.jpg
BLR Look Book 18150060.jpg


Classic Bellerose colors such as shades of whites, greys, blues and greens are complimented by several tones directly linked to Expo ‘58 and its timeframe; brick-like sienna red, softer wasabi green, lively Matisse blue and even an exclusive frites-yellow, our favorite.


BLR Look Book 18150502.jpg


To further emphasize the importance of this collection, a full line of accessories was developed to accompany our garments: from sandals and ballerina flats, all the way to a beachwear capsule, bags and a wide range of jewelry and brooches.


We are bringing it home this Spring & Summer and we intend to stick around for a while.


BLR Look Book 18150327.jpg
BLR Look Book 18149784.jpg
BLR Look Book 18150708.jpg
BLR Look Book 18149968.jpg

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