Upside Down : kids are challenging gravity in our september windows

We all know that September means back to school. Classic. But it also means back to after-school activities. Whether you’re a football player, a ballet dancer or an acrobat, that’s when the fun happens. For our new September windows, we wanted to focus on this exciting part of the day… with a twist !


The idea behind this new display was to focus on what our kids really love to do : riding bikes or skateboards, playing hockey, climbing or even juggling. But to double the fun we decided to turn the scenes around. And the result is quite surprising…


Kids are challenging gravity in our Place Stephanie store window. They float in the air, showing us their coolest tricks in our Paris Courcelles store, and they juggle balls without ever falling down at our Paris Echaudé boutique. But turning the scenes around doesn’t only mean upside down : Our Kids store in Antwerp shows an indoor climbing session from an impossible point of view.


Technically, the difficult part was to recreate the scenes in a natural-looking manner. It required a lot of strings and a lot of patience to get the perfect result. The second challenge was to fix the hockey field, without using any visible support. Our home staging expert Maëlan had to come up with an ingenious solution to create the perfect illusion : the lightest structure possible fixed from behind.

Now only one question remains : who will win the game ? The bets are on !


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