GIRLS AW'17 - The Lookbook

Tradition and innovation do not have to be counterparts. They can perfectly go hand in hand, allowing contrast and dissimilarity to emphasize the importance of either. It is no coincidence the Japanese are renowned for both. Furthermore, it’ll come as no surprise that Japan is a country that has inspired us tremendously throughout the years, this season more than ever before.

Youthful imagination, vivid contrasts and opposites run through our girls’ collection as a red line with a key role for comfort and an incredible attention to details. Fits remain ample, often cropped or looser, with plenty of overdyed fabrics, faux fur and lurex details. A few favorites that embody this collection’s spirit are a brushed cotton dress with classy stripes, slightly dropped shoulders and a small embroidered swallow, a delicate bomber jacket in a bi-color fabric with a sequin leaf print and a kimono inspired over shirt with a heritage checked print and toggles (like a duffle coat).

We push forward, create and hope to inspire – we’d be pleased if you joined us for the ride.


Left | Usagi Dress | Aizeny Knitwear | Ema Necklace | 

Right | Mogia Tshirt | Niney Knitwear | Lingo Pants | Pako Cap

Left | Azamo Knitwear | Lolah Jacket | Loppa Shorts

Right | Lilin Coat | Sid Pants | Geochi Beanie |

| Akane Shirt | Lingo Pants |

Left | Flane Tshirt | Akane Shirt | Leih Coat | Lingo Pants |

Right | Lilin Coat | Sid Pants | Geochi Beanie |

Left | Ciao Tshirt | Ayao Jacket | Loca Pants |

Right | Festa Dress | Louk Beanie | Fury Socks |

Left | Gakena Knitwear | Lu Dress | Pako Cap | Foukia Tights |

Right | Itsu Dress |

Left | Poko Shirt | Inako Pants

Right | Ikki Dress | Chilla Tshirt | Furano Socks

Left | Itsu Dress | Aizan Knitwear |

Right | Adoo Dress | Little Coat

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