BOYS AW'17 - The Lookbook


Tradition and innovation do not have to be counterparts. They can perfectly go hand in hand, allowing contrast and dissimilarity to emphasize the importance of either. It is no coincidence the Japanese are renowned for both. Furthermore, it’ll come as no surprise that Japan is a country that has inspired us tremendously throughout the years, this season more than ever before.

When it comes to our boys’ line, classic core elements such as our range of jeans, bodywarmers and down jackets were reworked and revamped while the same playful, imaginative can be found that characterizes the whole collection. Here some of the standout pieces include an impressive parka in a popping orange with faux fur teddy lining and a crispy, waterproof nylon exterior, a simple yet clever grey cotton sweatshirt with an understated embroidery featuring a pair of
nerdy glasses and a comfy pair of pied de poule chinos in a rich mixed cotton material.

We push forward, create and hope to inspire – we’d be pleased if you joined us for the ride.

Left | Maxx Sweatshirt |

Right | Lishio Coat | Bean Sweatshirt | Powell Pants |

Left | Luc Jacket Soan Pants |

Right | Paol Shirt | Soan Pants |

Left | Ganix Shirt | Pako Caps | Piero Pants |

Right | Jacket |  Vedano Pants |

Left | Laki Jacket | Vitela T-shirt | Vedano Pants |

Right | Laki Jacket | Ganix Shirt | Gabye Knitwear | Piero Pants |

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