MEN AW'17 - The Lookbook

Tradition and innovation do not have to be counterparts, they can strengthen one another thereby affirming the importance of either. It is no coincidence that Japan is renowned for both, continually inspiring us throughout the years, as craftsmanship and creativity are integral parts of our DNA.

Taking things back to basics we took the time to assess what differentiates us and what made Bellerose the brand it is today. It’s a stubbornness, an authenticity and a commitment to proudly go our own way. It’s a focus on form as much as on function, as both are equally important. We want to make sure every aspect of every garment is thought over before it is materialized. Every detail counts, so we went out of our way to outdo ourselves: pockets were added for functional purposes, always discreetly and esthetically pleasing, zippers and buttons were cautiously analyzed to assure solidity and where possible we offered different ways to personalize one’s wardrobe, like with our new bodywarmer which is interchangeable between different coats or jackets.



Left | Neat Coat | Valet Knitwear | Palf Pants |

Right | Frush Pants | Nolt Shirt | North Overshirt |

Left | Pegh Pants | Nits Shirt

Right | Porth Pants | Goat Shirt | Lhost Jacket |

| Mexto Tshirt | Goxe Shirt | Leam Coat |

Left | Goxe Shirt | Lhost Jacket |

Right | Frush Pants | Lerch Jacket |

Left | Neels Shirt | Hoch Jacket | Velo Jogging |

Right | Pell Pants | Goxe Shirt | Shiki Knitwear | Leam Coat |

Left | Peeg Pants | Glenh Shirt | Daitan Cardigan

Right | Gotegi Knitwear | Frush Pants |

Left | Frush Pants | Dandyo Knitwear |

Right | Fuch Pants | Nary Knitwear |

Left | Pegh Pants | Voley T-shirt | Nits Shirt |

Right | Pell Pants | Goxe Shirt | Shiki Knitwear | 

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