SPEAK - Thomas Jeunes

A series of portraits on contemporary men - entrepreneurs, artists, sportsmen, chefs, actors, and more, who revolve around Bellerose and give life to the brand’s spirit on a daily basis.

An intimate series of eclectic and offbeat encounters that dwells on the key moments in the person’s life. Entirely shot on film without any retouch to preserve the raw and authentic feel.

We hope that you will have as much pleasure in discovering the series as we had in creating it.



Motorcycle customiser and athlete




From time to time, people tell me I'm crazy for pushing my limits so far. Personally, I think that running an Ironman is accessible to everyone… really! One just needs to train well, be disciplined in the preparation and avoid excesses in terms of food and drinks. If you spend 10 to 12 hours a week on the road and in the water, it is possible to become an « Iron Man »… 

When I started training, I couldn’t even run 5 K. But very quickly, I became passionate and started the endless quest of pushing and finding my limits. To compete in an Ironman race, you have to know yourself…Those three years of hard training changed me profoundly and positively, on a personal, professional and physical level.



Mixing mental and manual activities generates a level of freedom and satisfaction that I’d never experienced before.

Working as a manager at a big consulting company enriched me personally and professionally, while it also made me grow and evolve as a person. Yet,  I felt it was time for me to achieve one of my dreams and to fully live my passion: combining my intellectual abilities with creativity and manual labor. That’s why I decided to turn my passion into my job.  




I practically always work starting with an older, existing base (frames for bicycles and engines for motorbikes) and then I begin adding new parts (tanks, wheels, handlebars, lights). Given the complexity  of certain projects, I often create and adapt some of these parts myself, especially when they’re metal.

Before I even get going, I spend a lot of time with the future-owners to see where they come from, what their interests are, where and how they grew up, their tastes, what they’ve been doing in life etc. All these elements, along with a ton of aesthetic and artistic research, allow me to create the bike or bicycle of their dreams. 




I love how it’s a collection of different, offbeat moods just like the people I surround myself with. During the weekend, I can as easily end up in Bar Du Matin or at the Belga Café to have some drinks with friends as at an underground party, assisting at the screening of a short film or at an exhibition, or even at the flea market. I have a ton of artistic friends; filmmakers, festival organizers, photographers… I love how they make Brussels what it is, in their very own way. 




La Paz, Bolivia. To impress 2 English girls I arranged a deal where we could enter and visit the prison of San Pedro. Once we were inside and the doors closed behind us, we quickly understood that it wasn’t the best idea ever. We were inside the world’s only prison without prison guards, where the inmates had completely seized control through time. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s an understatement.  The prison actually was a clandestine cocaine lab, run by the gangs inside.



I’m someone that is restless and excessive by nature, but down there, faced with the enormous power of the waves of the Atlantic ocean, I feel calm and at ease. I thoroughly enjoy the combination of tradition and modernity in Portugal, which is also the style of work I deliver. I create brand new custom made bikes and bicycles inspired by the beauty and purity of old objects. 




Too mediatized and « did-you-see-me » for my tastes... I would be more interested if we’d debate values and ideas more than whatever happens to be news that day. It seems to me that the efficiency of political figures is often confused with their way with words. In my opinion, there should be no risk of being politically dead because of an absence in media coverage. 


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