Strolling down the streets of SoFo

The conception of our collections and stores originates from a large mix of eclectic influences. Amongst other things, urban environments and cities have been a great source of inspiration along the seasons. From Tokyo all the way to Stockholm, while passing through Brooklyn, New York; we are always curious and on the lookout.

Today we’re heading to the Swedish capital, taking you on a tour to SoFo, a neighborhood known for its retro thrift shops, alternative clothing, designer boutiques and eco-friendly ethics.


Located on the isle of Sodermälm, SoFo is an old working class area that in recent years has become the epicenter of bobo culture in Stockholm - An urban jungle full of architects, photographers, and other creative types of all sorts. Far from the city’s great boulevards, the narrow and unpretentious streets of SoFo are home to a more chilled and nonchalant way of life. Strolling down the alleys you might come across a craftsman’s workshop, a group of hip teens enjoying a sunny afternoon in the park or a pair of bearded dads pushing a stroller.



In every city you’ll find a cafe that’s been around for ages, steadily delivering the same warm & familiar feeling when you walk in - String Cafe is one of them. Known for it’s eclectic interior decorated with 50's and 60's gear, it has become the young crowd’s meet up spot to chat around a cup of coffee. Nytorgsgatan 38, 116 40 Stockholm



This music shop is one of the last places you can find CD’s and Vinyl in Stockholm. There’s a very calm and unique vibe to it – a sort of warmth that comes with the excitement of finding that one record you’ve been looking for for ages. Pet Sounds has a great selection of old and new music that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Skånegatan 53, 116 37 Stockholm



Opposite to Nytorget park, Urban Deli is a modern yet very down-to-earth food market selling local and ecological products. Its laid-back feel really defines SoFo as a unique part of Stockholm. Grab your quinoa salad and head to the utilitarian zinc counter that doubles as a Café bar, or just sit at one of the tables outside to catch the sun and relax. Nytorget 4, 116 40 Stockholm



Minimal and cosy are the two words that define Il Caffe the best. We love the very come-as-you-are atmosphere of the retro looking venue. A perfect spot for an afternoon Fika: coffee with a kanellbullar – the traditional cinnamon pastry. Södermannagatan 23, 116 40 Stockholm



Sweden wouldn’t be Sweden without its famous meatballs – no need to discuss that. Take a seat at one of the long wooden sharing tables under the factory lights of Meatballs for the people’s industrial dining space. You can enjoy the national dish in its classic version or with a twist. Nytorgsgatan 30, 116 40 Stockholm


Pictures : Ollie Nordh 

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