The Stylists’ favorite Bellerose outfits for their kids this winter - Charlotte Huguet

This season, we've decided to ask three of our favorite stylists to pick outfits from our kids’ collection and to dress their own children for a very special and personal editorial. Our third and final interviewee is Charlotte Huguet, mother of two, talented stylist and Parisian currently living in Barbizon, a town located near the Fontainebleau Forest and where numerous artists used to live.

She's been working for Elle France for many years and happens to be a true Bellerose fan. Scroll down to find out more about her work and discover how she styled her two sons using pieces from our current collection.



Can you tell us a little bit about you? Where are you from, what do you do?

I'm a fashion and interior stylist (mostly focusing on kids' fashion) and a journalist for Elle Magazine. I'm a Parisian. I live in the forest of Fontainebleau with my husband, who's a cabinetmaker and my two sons. We live in Barbizon, where we built a house made entirely of wood.


Why did you decide to specialize in kids styling?

I started focusing on kids' fashion after my first child was born. I love this universe. Children are the most creative and if you let them guide you, you'll end up with incredible photos. 

What is the shoot, editorial or project you’ve loved working on the most?

I loved working as stylist and artistic director for the latest Petit Germain campaign with photographer Mélanie Rodriguez and Camille Chandèze Longuépée, the brand's designer who is also one of my closest friends. We chose the Cité Universitaire in Paris as a location because of its brutalist architecture. Our casting was also perfect as they all knew each other. It was perfectly smooth!

How do you style kids? Where do you get your inspiration from, how do you choose the combinations you will create?

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest searching for pictures as well as browsing specialist bookshops such as OFR or Yvon Lambert.


When it comes to your kids, what is important for you when you dress them in the morning or go shopping with/for them?

Leonardo, my oldest son, is 9. He has strong opinions regarding what he wants or doesn't want to wear. It's all about compromising! I guide him and make suggestions and he takes decisions. Solal, my youngest who is 7, is extremely daring. He likes mixing patterns and colors. He isn't scared of pink or Lurex. I'm often impressed by their choices and they inspire me frequently. 




What is your favorite trend for kids this winter and why?

I feel like the 80's are really back: striped turtlenecks, overalls, faux fur jackets... It feels completely nostalgic for a mother who was born then!


What is your impression on the Bellerose Kids FW 2017 collection?

Still as creative and modern as ever all while being comfortable and ideal for daily life. I also love that boys' pieces can be worn by girls, and the other way around! 

Can you tell us about the Bellerose pieces you’ve chosen for your kids this winter?

The shirts are great! I took several of them, they have a great fit and I love their colors. I love Bellerose because I have sons and the market for boys' fashion is quite limited in my opinion. Especially when they get older and are close to being teenagers! Bellerose is able to offer a wide range of clothes that are easy to wear, modern and creative. 



And last but not least, what are your favorite places to spend time with your kids in your city?

Museum - Le Palais de Tokyo

They can play and run around freely. The artworks are always accessible to them and there is a retro photo booth where we love to get our picture taken. 

Bakery - Du Pain et des Idées 

For me, this is the best bakery in Paris. Their apple turnover and their "Pain des Amis" bread are to die for. I take my kids there every Wednesday, it's our own ritual! 

Shop - La Trésorerie 

The ideal shop to find everything for your home. Every object is useful and beautiful. Their hardware section is incredible! 

Books - Artazart 

Their selection of children's books is perfect. Ahead of Christmas, I always pick up a large number of books to give to children and to my family as gifts. They are always the best presents!  

Maison de Vacances

As the brand's name suggests, this shop looks like a wonderful holiday home, except it's in the heart of Paris. I love stopping by, it's a place outside of time where the noise of the city seems to disappear. 

Restaurant - Le 52

You can stop by this restaurant at any time to work, have a cup of tea, enjoy reasonably priced gourmet dishes for lunch and stumble upon everybody who is anybody in Paris. This place belongs to my best friends. I'm there very often!


Writer : Camille Darroux
Photographer: Roxane Lagache


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