The Stylists’ favorite Bellerose outfits for their kids this winter - Petra Barkhof

This season, we've decided to ask three of our favorite kids stylists to pick outfits from our collection and to dress their own (grand)children for a very special and personal editorial. First up is Petra Barkhof, a German stylist who's been living in Italy since 1982.

The deputy & digital editor of Kid's Wear Magazine and freelance fashion stylist has collaborated with Condé Nast, Elle and Elle Decoration Germany in the past and we have been great admirers of her work for many years now.

A mother of two, Petra also has two grandchildren and they are the ones who got to be styled for this shoot. Meet Gabriel, 13, and Emma, 9! We also had a chat with Petra to find out more about her and her career, so read on!



Why did you decide to specialize in kids styling?

I met Achim Lippoth, the founder of Kid’s Wear Magazine and a photographer in 2004 during a lunch meeting with his agent in Milan. His outstanding children’s photography impressed me so much and gave me a new vision of children’s fashion.

We started to collaborate and kids styling came alongside… It is so much more creative and kids are unpredictable, I love that!


What is the shoot, editorial or project you’ve most enjoyed working on?

The editorial “ A Tribute to Anna Piaggi”. Anna Piaggi was the most creative person I have ever met in the fashion business.  Beside her look, I have also always admired her journalistic work. I love to discover never ending ways of mixing colours and patterns, so Anna was an amazing teacher!



How do you do your styling for kids? Where do you get your inspiration from, how do you select the combinations you will create?

I often take inspiration from movies and eccentric personalities. My decision of combinations… I take them 2 minutes before we shoot !


When it comes to your grandkids, what do you focus on when dressing them in the morning or going shopping with/for them.

For Gabriel it is important to have a comfortable outfit, he still accepts mine and my daughter's suggestions. Emma decides everything on her own - Not always my taste...


What is your favorite trend for kids this winter and why?

Colourful or printed faux fur jackets and coats, they make the winter more fun and are warm and soft.     


 What did you think of the Bellerose Kids FW17 collection?

The collection is classic with a modern twist. I like it when retro inspiration meets the playfulness of details.


Can you tell us about the Bellerose pieces you’ve chosen for your kids this winter?

For Gabriel I chose classic denim trousers, a sweatshirt with a cool print and a warm bomber jacket with teddy faux fur inside. Emma chose her style by herself and as she is not skinny we found some lovely comfortable loose fits, a dress combined with a colourful sweater and a green military parka that goes with everything.




And last but not least, where are your favorite places to spend time with your kids in your city?


Museum - MUDEC (Museo delle Culture)
via Tortona 56, Milano

Born out of a salvage operation of industrial archaeology on the site of the old Ansaldo factory in the Tortona area (south of Milan), the Mudec is a meeting place for cultures and communities. The museum is one of the most recent ones in Milan and has a lot of activities for children.


Restaurant - U BARBA
Via Decembrio 33, Milano

Genoese food, the real stuff, home-cooked fare, the kind of things you eat at lunch with friends and family. A relaxed, welcoming, simple place, different from the usual eateries; a place where you can eat, drink, chat with friends in the open air, and maybe even enjoy a game of bowls…


Café - LùBar
Via Palestro 16, Milano

A new café and restaurant in historical palace Villa Reale.


Park - Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli
Corso Di Porta Venezia in the center of Milan.


Piazza Luigi di Savoia | Corner Via Pergolesi

Best ice cream in town.


Bike - Ofo

A new bike sharing service in Milano. You can download the app and find the yellow bikes that are available for riding anytime, anywhere.


Sports - Zero-Gravity
Via Carlo Valvassori Peroni 48

A big gym space for indoor acrobatics, the first one in Italy. My grandchildren both love it and after visiting museums and restaurants it’s a perfect place to let off steam in winter.


Writer : Camille Darroux

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