Smashbox by the Chef: Joël Geismar's autumnal recipe

One month ago, we introduced The Smashbox together with Maison Dandoy, and it's been a lot of fun so far! Smashing and sharing the best quality speculoos ever made—awesome, right? But there's actually much more you can do with 3 giant biscuits and a little hammer. To prove it, we've asked 4 of our favorite chefs from Brussels to create a recipe using the Smashbox. And they've taken it pretty seriously.

Joel Geismar is a chef and the founder of El Camion and Garage à Manger, located in Ixelles. For his creation, he made the surprising decision to use speculoos in a savory recipe and create his own version of a classic French dish: blood sausage and apple compote. The result? A harmonious and subtle flavor combination where the taste of speculoos really enhances the dish.

Basque blood sausage with Espelette pepper, Dandoy speculoos and pickled apple


Basque blood sausage with Espelette pepper (from the delicatessen, we used the brand Christian Parra)
100g sourdough breadcrumbs
100g powdered Dandoy speculoos  (for his recipe, Joël chose the classic version from the Smashbox)
2 organic egg whites
A little water and olive oil
Organic wheat flour



2 jonagold apples, cut in 8 (quarters) 
250dl white banyuls vinegar
110g cane sugar
150g apple juice




To pickle the apples, combine vinegar, sugar, apple juice and spices in a saucepan and bring to a boil then remove from heat. Add apples and infuse for a few hours.

Cut blood sausage into thick slices. Coat with egg whites and oil then with the Dandoy speculoos powder mixed with sourdough breadcrumbs.




Cook blood sausage slices in a nonstick frying pan on medium heat, about 2 minutes for each side.

Place blood sausage slices on the plate, drain and add some apple quarters and finish with slivers of Dandoy speculoos.



Bon appétit !  


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Writer : Camille Darroux

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