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A series of portraits on contemporary men - entrepreneurs, artists, sportsmen, chefs, actors, and more, who revolve around Bellerose and give life to the brand’s spirit on a daily basis.

An intimate series of eclectic and offbeat encounters that dwells on the key moments in the person’s life. Entirely shot on film without any retouch to preserve the raw and authentic feel.

We hope that you will have as much pleasure in discovering the series as we had in creating it.


Singer and painter

Rue Royale, Brussels

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Pictura quod cantus 

I need the one as much as I need the other. Painting is what keeps me going and what keeps me alive right now but music takes up a huge chapter in my life’s story as well, especially before the industry started crumbling around 2007. Since then I have been able to find the right balance and both passions can co-exist peacefully.

It was my father that infected me with the art virus, he made me draw all the time when I was growing up as a kid. Music kind of happened to me by chance, after a break-up… I needed to express what I was feeling at the time and writing lyrics in French or Creole really helped me deal with everything, it became a passion afterwards.




North, south – the tours

After graduating from La Cambre (Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Brussels) my career took off quickly when I signed to Polydor Records. I did a lot of support slots, opening for French greats such as Mickey 3D, Cali, Olivia Ruiz, Renaud and Natasha St Pier. 

Now that I’m in charge of what I do myself, the rhythm is very different, I choose my own projects and do as I please. I’ll be going to La Réunion, my hometown, soon for a series of concerts.




Isolated islander

I grew up on the isle of La Réunion, with its heavenly way of life, it felt like paradise. We went to the beach every weekend with my parents, the same way we go to the park here. I headed to France and Brussels after that to study and decided to stick around here, going back to La Réunion regularly to recharge my batteries and find my roots. I really need both environments in order to function, the hustle and bustle of the city and the calm of the island





Kubrick! Especially in « Eyes Wide Shut », a unique sense of detail and a ton of thought went into the location scouting and casting for the castle scene. The cherry on the cake being the billiard scene with its wink to Sydney Pollack.




Domestic scenes

It’ll soon be 15 years that I’ve been together with my girlfriend, 15 intense years with plenty of zig-zagging. We try non-stop to reinvent ourselves and our relationship so in a way we keep on losing and finding each  other. Soon she’ll be coming back from Columbia where she spent the last 3,5 months retreating with a shaman. Briefly: Karma, Texas, paprika and ayahuasca.





Firinga was the name of a violent hurricane that passed over the island of La Réunion in 1989. I was there when it happened.  My new album deals with past events that took place on the island, I wanted to link my own personal history to that of the hurricane.




Run into me here

In all of Brussels finest bars, art galleries and project rooms like Island 



Pictures: Sebastien Bonin

Production La Chapelle


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