Road trip to the Bavarian Alps

This past summer, we took you down south and let you follow our road trip throughout Portugal. This time, we're taking you on another adventure: we headed towards the vast open spaces of the Bavarian Alps. We felt the need to spend time in nature and to discover serene green landscapes, to unplug and to clear our minds. The landscapes of the Alps truly seem out of this world and their incredible sceneries made us forget we were, in fact, not that far from home. Discover our itinerary and behind-the-scenes pictures from this mind-blowing road trip.


We took models Gigi and Marine with us on a three-day trip to shoot our Fall/Winter 2017 campaign in the Bavarian heights. The locals are, in fact, used to escape city life with a trip to the Alps. This is something they call "sightsleeping"; a short trip that helps you unplug and recharge. On this trip, we decided to visit the area surrounding two gorgeous lakes named Eibsee and Königssee.


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Easily accessible from Munich, Eibsee is located just a few kilometers away from the Austrian border. Entering the valley immediately allowed us to marvel at this charming lake where people spend time on paddle boards or in paddle boats all while enjoying a stunning mountainous backdrop. In summer, it is easy to find quiet nooks to enjoy the sun and scenery and we were stunned at how peaceful and blissful the area was. Nothing to do with daily life in Brussels! Once the sun starts setting, the light reflects beautifully on the lake and time seems to stand still until it gets dark.


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Once the sun starts setting, the light reflects beautifully on the lake and time seems to stand still until it gets dark.

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From Eibsee, a cable car lets you reach Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain (2,962 meters). This makes for a spectacular trip that lets you enjoy unobstructed views of the Eibsee lake. As soon as we arrived, we realized that Zugspitze and its lunar landscape consisting of rocks and perpetual snow were the ideal backdrop for our Fall/Winter 2017 campaign.


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Between two shoots, we were able to enjoy a much-needed break at the beer garden and feast on Currywurst and Bretzel among local tourists.

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As the only hotel located on the shores of the lake, Eibsee Hotel is a perfect and typical place to enjoy a few days lakeside in Bavaria. Its sauna with a view is optimal to unwind after a long shooting day. Afterwards, a short dive into the lake was all it took to make us feel refreshed for a few weeks. Our model Gigi can confirm!


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Situated 200 km east from Eibsee, Lake Königssee is another unmissable attraction in the area. We couldn't wait to finally see it and reality did not disappoint! The "King's Lake" is reminiscent of the most impressive Norwegian fjords thanks to its high shores which are unique in Europe.


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To fully enjoy the beauty of Königssee, you can explore the lake on electric boats. You'll get to discover old farms that seem to be in the middle of nowhere, pretty wooden boat houses and St. Bartholomew's Church and its elegant red domed roof. A worthy escapade if you ask us! By the way, you also have the option to stop en route to visit the church, grab some food and rub shoulders with the locals.


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As a contrast to Eibsee Hotel and its typical Bavarian style, we decided to spend the night at Kempinski Berchtesgaden Hotel. Its modern architecture fits perfectly with the surrounding landscape and its ideal location offers breathtaking views from every side of the building.


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The Bavarian Alps are situated less than 2h away from Munich. The city's airport can be reached from many European cities. Price comparison websites such as Kayak,  Skyscanner, or Opodo make it easy to find affordable return tickets. To get around once in the Alps, we recommend renting a car. Most of the major car rental companies have booths at the airport, which means you can enjoy competitive prices.


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