City guide: Soho, NYC

In our city guide series, we chose to meet with Thorunn Anspach and Olivier Bremond, owners of Kisan, one of our favorite Bellerose stockist concept stores worldwide. They took the time to tell us more about their well-curated fashion boutique as well as their SoHo neighbourhood recommendations. 

Can you tell us something about the neighbourhood you’re located in? 

We are located in SoHo, downtown Manhattan. When we were looking for a space in New York, SoHo was our absolute first choice. Even as tourists, we always loved that neighbourhood, we feel it has a real soul, the buildings are amazing and the shopping, simply the best.

What are your 5 favorite spots in your neighbourhood? 

We are coffee lovers and always need a second coffee, outside of home, to start the day. 
La Colombe is an absolute favorite, the one at the corner of Prince and Lafayette is wonderful. 
Our two favorite restaurants are Blue Ribbon, best sushis in New York and Cocotte, a very inventive French restaurant. Try the hamburger, so different from a traditional burger and so extremely good. 
For the best freshly squeezed juice, go to Miss Lily’s, a wonderful Jamaican atmosphere…the place also hosts a radio station broadcasting all day and night. 
We are lucky in SoHo to have The Angelika movie theater that always shows the best foreign and independent movies. 

Tell us how Kisan came about? 

After having worked in TV production and distribution, we wanted to re-invent ourselves and open a store that would feature our favorite brands from all over the world.

What are the first 3 words that come to your mind when you hear the brand name Bellerose? 

Casual, timeless, soulful.

© Sandor Weisz

© Sandor Weisz

What sentimental relationship does your store have with Bellerose?

When we lived in Europe, we used to spend a lot of time in Belgium and we were fascinated by the style of people and stores. It was very inspiring to us. We can feel this atmosphere in the Bellerose collections.

© Sandor Weisz

© Sandor Weisz

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