By day and by night, the shirt is out...

From day to night, Bellerose shirts remain effortlessly elegant choices and the best companion to transition into spring. If today the shirt is considered a basic, a fashion piece, a flexible fundamental of the modern wardrobe, Bellerose shirts cross the boundaries of “basic” with their unexpected touches of originality. 

Shirts are not new to Bellerose. They are in fact at the very core of the brand, being the first clothing item ever produced. The whole adventure started with the designing and selling of men shirts in the summer of 1989. The first model was the Boston shirt, a large nonchalant cut, influenced by the 90’s American sportswear. This “casual with a touch” shirt has ceased to be produced today but the whole spirit of that time lives on to this day. 

If the company’s range has since evolved, with the designing of a whole menswear collection, as well as women and childrens' wardrobes, Bellerose shirts remain the most iconic pieces the brand sells today. 

The female Bellerose shirt was created almost ten years after the brand’s creation with the launch of the first womenswear collection, in 1998.

The best selling shirt for women today is the oversized Gaston shirt, while the one for men has remained the Mire slim fitting button-down shirt for several years.

Customers have choosen to invest in a Bellerose shirt for its classic cut and quality but first and foremost for its original twist. Indeed the essential characteristics of Bellerose shirts are comfort, endurance and original details. These distinctive finishes can either be novelty buttons, contrasting seams or embroidery detail. Bellerose also put an emphasis on designing shirts for every occasion in a day, be it for work, for leisure or for evening celebrations. The shirts are produced in different fabrics, depending on the design, such as Oxford cotton, Japanese cotton, wool cotton, popeline or even silk.

The process of designing Bellerose shirts start with a classic canvas, such as the Gaston, the Jack or the Mire shirts and then, depending on market and seasonal trends, some modifications are introduced, such as selecting a thicker silk material for a chic winter shirt or a soft cotton for the summer.

Photos by Vaya Sigmas.

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