Thomas van gindertael x Bellerose

The close relationship between art and fashion has been a recurring theme in Bellerose collections throughout the years. For our FW ‘15 collection we managed to collaborate with renowned Belgian artist Thomas Van Gindertael, who designed and painted an impressive print for us exclusively in his home studio. This print can be found on a series of key items in our collection, among which a quilted bomber jacket, a bag and a t-shirt. All of these were produced in limited quantities and will become sought after items soon. 

homas Van Gindertael was exposed to art from a very early age. At his home he was surrounded by works of such illustrious names as Chagall, Dufy, Max Ernst, Fujita, Magritte, Miro, while his father, a well known poet and artist himself, was Director of Le Centaure Gallery, the most prestigious art gallery in Belgium, from 1927 until the devastating recession of the 1930's. Thus art came naturally to the young Van Gindertael. Born in 1942, he grew up observing and absorbing the works of artists regarded as the avant-garde of the 1930's - artists who today rank among the greatest of the 20th century. He developed a distinct style of expression all his own, and his evident talent led to his first solo exhibition when he was only 20, which was held in at the Octroi Gallery, Brussels, in 1962.

Every year since then, Van Gindertael has held several solo exhibitions, both in Belgium and overseas; his work is found in Japan, United States, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore, while in Belgium his paintings are on permanent display in the country's most prestigious national art galleries, museums and public buildings.

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