Introducing "Stuck in Paradise" - A tropical X-Mas Story

Our new window display, called "Stuck in Paradise", takes you on a journey into the jungle.

Tropical plants, creepers, waterfalls, cold blooded predators... This Christmas, let's dive right into the atmosphere of a lush, larger-than-life tropical forest.

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Matthieu and Valérie, both members of our creative team, told us a bit more about how they came up with the concepts behind this one-of-a-kind Christmas display:

At Bellerose, we like having original Christmas displays which tell their own story and let people dive into a new universe. We like catching people's attention, making them question what they see and, above all, providing them with an attractive experience. For us, this display was a risky move !

In the 90s, shop displays used to be insanely creative. Their goal was to convey deep emotions. Back then, it was pretty much the only method of communication for brands whereas they are more focuses on digital promotion these days. At Bellerose, we decided to keep insisting on this emotional aspect. We are inspired by America's and Japan's excessiveness to create extraordinary projects. We love using our ideas to make people tick.

The original idea came from something that happened while grabbing a drink with coworkers and bloggers at a bar in Paris. We sat at the counter, the atmosphere was upbeat and we were chatting and laughing. Suddenly, a question arose: “Girls, why don’t you put your handbags away?”, to which one of them answered: “Over my dead body !”

“How far would a woman go to protect her favourite handbag?”

This is where this story started: instead of Christmas trees, reindeers and frost, we decided to include tropical plants, crocodiles and a desert island in our Christmas window display.

Lost in the middle of the jungle, a woman is trying to keep her favourite bag next to her all while fighting crocodiles who are dying to bite it off !

Our tropical Christmas window display was entirely created by Maelan, our very own home staging expert. He also told us a bit more about this substantial technical achievement:

To create such a window display, one needs creativity and inventiveness. Technically speaking, it definitely wasn’t easy to build an island and feature actual water and sand on the ground floor of a manor house.

The building’s structure had to be strengthened through the cellar and we had to install a pump to provide the fountain with water.

When building a window display, you constantly have to come up with creative solutions.

And this is not where the story ends:

We are already looking forward to presenting our next project in mid-January and in the same venue: our Bellerose shop on Place Stéphanie in Brussels, where you’ll find our “Fight for Spring” display. Who knows, our adventurer might have found a way to tame these crocodiles by then…!

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